The Laws &
of the Land of

Daeoria is governed under the dictatorship of one self-proclaimed supreme ruler: the white dragon Xoxenphetapothylis (a.k.a. Xox.)

If all things were done as Xox would prefer, the land of Daeoria would still be complete anarchy, as it had been in the first 6000 years of his rule. But Xox is greedy, and he is intelligent. Over the centuries, by imposing a semblance of civility on at least the major metropolitan areas, Xox was gradually convinced that commerce opperated more effectively under the rule of law rather than under anarchy. More effective and, therefore, more profitable commerce meant more taxable gold for Xox and his minions to collect.

Xox is far too whimsical and impulsive to be an effective administrator of a Lawful society, so he employs servants and followers to handle the administration of his affairs across Daeoria. So long as he is happy with the flow of gold and the people are kept acceptably subserviant, then Xox leaves things alone.

However, if Xox is displeased with the administration of a city, town, or province, then the responsible administrator is publicly executed and a replacement is appointed by Xox.

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Declaration of Authority
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