Daeoria -- Campaign Log, Session #5
The Land of
Daeorian Campaign Log — Session #5
Session #5: [2006.9.23] Into the Monsters' Lair...
Participants (In alphabetical order):XP Awarded(1)
Throm Gromgol Half-orcPaladin – – –
Tomber Timtookery Gnome Wizard – – –
Vindahr Wood ElfRanger – – –

1  – For this session.
Major events of the session: {3rd, 4th, & 5th day.}

The party's attackers are well experienced in ambushing travellers along this road. Usually their victims seek cover and foolishly try to outlast the reptillians with ranged attacks. Such tactics usually leave the happless travellers dead shortly after sundown. Or, the victims turn and flee back toward Ashtakahr. This latter choice has a slightly higher survival rate than digging in and fighting, but still most victims die.

It is practically unheard of that the ambushed victims should turn and charge their attackers. This unexpected tactic put the reptillians off their guard. Though the party took numerous hits, they continued their charge toward the ambushers. Some of the reptillians immediately fled into their lair, while others stood and fought. First one then another of enemy fell to elf, half-orc, and gnome weapons.[xxx XP each] Realizing that these were no average travelers that they had ambushed, the remaining reptillians also fled into their lair.

Showing no fear, even in the face of death, the party was hurt worse than the reptillians realized. They chose to back off a little, and rest and recover from their injuries. During this night, Tomber experience a very revealing dream about his new staff. Also, a couple of the reptillians crept too close to the camp while scouting out these travelers and barely dodged an arrow, sending them fleeing back to their lair.

They fought their way deep into the lair, but took too much damage to continue. [xxx XP each for 6 more reptillians.] They backed out with Throm badly injured and barely alive. Since he was unable to run with Tomber and Vindahr, Tomber turned Throm invisible to help him hide while Tomber and Vindahr fled from a larger and more deadly version of these reptillians. Throm made his way cautiously out of the lair, standing still at the side of the tunnel when the larger reptillian passed by.

After resting and recovering from more injuries, the party came back the next day and killed the big, bad, dumb reptillian.[xxx XP each.]

One last smaller reptillian fired arrows at the party from cover, but was quickly brought down as he was already badly injured from a previous encounter with the party.[xxx XP each for the last reptillian.]

In the final chamber of the reptillians' lair the party finds the cooked torso of a small humanoid spitted over a fire pit. They also found and rescued an unconscious young boy.[xxx XP each for rescuing the boy.]

 End of Session