Daeoria -- Campaign Log, Session #8
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Daeorian Campaign Log — Session #8
Session #8: [2006.11.4] The Battle of the Tavern...
Participants (In alphabetical order):XP Awarded(1)Total (Level)
Lucius Ahrlan Human Fighter – – – – – – (3)
Alabaster Human Sorcerer – – – 2999(2) (2)
Throm Gromgol Half-orc Paladin – – – – – – (4)
Keldorn Human Monk – – – – – – (1)
Perla del Mar Corso Elf Rogue – – – – – – (4)
Meltara Rythin Human Cleric – – – – – – (1)
Tomber Timtookery Gnome Wizard – – – – – – (4)
Vindahr Wood Elf Ranger – – – – – – (4)

1  – For this session.
2 (See PHB, pg. 58, Experience and Levels, 3rd paragraph.)

Major events of the session: {5th night.}

Last session ended with two bad guys exiting the back door of the tavern. All hell breaks loose as the battle for the tavern begins. Many blows, cuts, stabs, and cleaves produce extensive bloodletting. When all the bodies have fallen, the party has brought down seven enemies.[For everyone but Meltara and Keldorn: xxx XP for PCs level 1-3; xxx XP for level 4 PCs.] Making their way upstairs and taking the time to unlock the locked doors, they find two unconscious bodies. The party rescues Keldorn and Meltara.

After interrogating the tavern keeper with little success, the party decides to raid the supply store across the street. Obtaining some much-needed materials (especially for those who had everything stolen from them) the party then plans their attack on the keep.

Tomber casts a spell to turn himself, Keldorn, Meltara, and Alabaster invisible while Throm, Vindahr, Lucius, and Perla approach the doors to the keep and try to pretend to be a group of guards returning for a watch rotation. They fool the guard at the door into opening the door, but he gives the alarm after he is attacked.

Eventually, the party decides to attempt to infiltrate the keep. They defeat two enemies in that process, got inside the keep, and closed and barred the door behind them. [xxx for PCs level 1-3; xxx XP for PCs at level 4]

 End of Session