Daeoria -- Campaign Log, Session #10
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Daeorian Campaign Log — Session #10
Session #10: [2006.12.02] The Road to Sanctuary...
Participants (In alphabetical order):XP Awarded(1)Total (Level)
Alabaster Human Sorcerer – – – – – – (3)
Throm Gromgol Half-orc Paladin – – – – – – (4)
Keldorn Human Monk – – – – – – (2)
Meltara Rythin Human Cleric – – – – – – (2)
Tomber Timtookery Gnome Wizard – – – – – – (5)
Emmeline Vanguard Half-orc Shaman – – – – – – (2)
Vindahr Wood Elf Ranger – – – – – – (5)

1  – For this session.

Major events of the session: {6th, 7th, and 8th day.}

Other than supervising the prisoners in their digging of graves, the 6th day was a day of rest for the party. On the morning of the 7th, as everyone was having breakfast, a noise was heard coming from beneath the floor of the main room. Upon investigating this the party observed the floor of the main room begin to collapse downward. Shortly afterward, giant blind termites were observed coming up from the basement stairs that had been blocked by large boulders and loose massonry. Exercising wisdom and prudence, the party hastily exits the structure in time to watch the giant Terrormites tear down the building.

With their newly acquired keep turned to rubble, the party decides to return to the village to the east and inform the inhabitants there that the thieves, at least for now, have been put out of business.

Along the way to the village the party encounters a tall, hooded being waiting for them by the road. With little preamble, the being blasts Throm with an icy spell that nearly destroys him, were it not for his strong fortitude. The single enemy clearly was not expecting the party to prove to be so powerful. After nearly being killed the dragonkin creature (white half-dragon) teleported himself away before he was killed. His disembodied voice said, "You have chosen the path of death. You are declared criminals and enemies of the realm. Xox will destroy you painfully at his leisure."

The party completed their trek to the village. There they were told of a powerful ally that may be willing to help the party if they can find their way to him. The villagers provided transportation north and across the Ashtakahr river near this ally's hidden home. Instructions were provided for how to find this person.

Along the way the party came across a huge sea creature eating an aquatic elf, with several other elves throwing their tridents at the beast trying to save their companion. The party engaged the creature in battle and a lucky shot by Vindahr pierced the monster's heart killing it instantly. [XP awarded by level. See table above.] The aquatic elves waved their appreciation and returned to the deep.

Upon reaching their destination, the party followed the lead of Throm's nemesis: the owl that he had struck with a stone days before thereby slightly defeathering its tail. Upon arrival under the dead tree they sought they touched the black leaf and a trap door opened allowing the party passage underground. They followed the dark corridor ever downward until they came upon several doors in the corridor. Two doors lead into what were apparently cloak rooms, and one led into a large room with dusty old broken furniture, including broken chairs and toppled and broken tables.

After hearing an odd noise come from the room several times, the party enters the room... and the door transforms into a solid wall. The roof above and the south and west walls all vanish revealing an immeasurably huge cavern in which the PCs now find themselves. Standing over the PCs and moving toward them menacingly is a colossal Red Dragon. Keldorn moves to circle around the dragon for a flanking maneuver. After a few feet, Keldorn runs face-first into something solid and falls back on his butt. This arrouses suspicion and this suspicion is compounded when the party hears a giggling sound coming from somewhere nearby.

The missing door re-appears and opens as a silver-haired elf steps through with a familiar-looking owl perched upon his shoulder. Apparently ignoring the PCs, the elf seems to address the room as he says, "I believe, Pilbert, that we have discussed the appropriate and inappropriate uses for powerful magical devices, have we not?" The giggling turns into raucous laughter as a young halfling rolls on the floor from behind a toppled table, with a wand in his hand.

The silver-haired elf extends his slender hand, palm up, and, without so much as blinking an eye, the wand vanishes from the hand of the halfling and appears suspended in the air bare inches above the open palm of the elf. A moment later the wand is replaced by a puff of smoke. The sudden apparent destruction of the halfling's wand abruptly stopped his laughter. "What'd you go an' do that for? That was a perfectly good wand with plenty of charges left. You oughtn't o' destroyed it," complained the halfling.

"You don't seem to learn anything, Pilbert, unless the lesson comes at a high price. Consider the loss of your wand the price of the lesson you sorely needed to learn. Weren't you to be preparing rooms for our guests?" At that the halfling skulked out of the room. The elf then turned to the party and said, "If you would please follow me. We shall retire to my study for some food, dring, and a little conversation." Bowing slightly he added, "If you please." Then he turned and left the room.

The party followed the elf to a magically barred door, which he opened, and then down a flight of stairs to a lower level and across a hall. There they found food and drink, and they were each questioned about their motives for being in Daeoria. After a while Pilbert returned and they were all taken to private rooms and told to expect to be called to join Solanthahr for dinner in his private quarters. Pilbert was still sulking about the loss of his wand.


 End of Session