Daeoria -- Campaign Log, Session #13
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Daeorian Campaign Log — Session #13
Session #13: [2007.01.13] Setting the Captives Free...
Participants (In alphabetical order):XP AwardedTotal (Level)
Alabaster Human Sorcerer – – – XP – – – (4)
Throm Gromgol Half-orc Paladin – – – XP – – – (5)
Keldorn Human Monk – – – XP – – – (3)
Meltara Rythin Human Cleric – – – XP – – – (3)
Tomber Timtookery Gnome Wizard – – – XP – – – (5)
Emmeline Vanguard Half-orc Shaman – – – XP – – – (3)
Vindahr Wood Elf Ranger – – – XP – – – (4)

REMEMBER: If you've leveled up, it doesn't take effect until the next time your characters awaken after a regular night's sleep.

FYI: NPC Woldruf has leveled to 5th

Major events of the session: {26th through 27th day.}

Gaming commences on the 16th day of Rhombidderahn.

In our last episode the party had killed 4 of the 5 minotaurs. There were 2 very large carts filled with ore, each cart had 2 humans chained to the back and 2 dwarfs chained to the front.

Unable to remove the manacles because they head been welded to their wrists and ankles, the party decided to bring them back to the village but were told that there were others held captive. So, the freed villagers were sent home by themselves. Using the very rough discription of the mines given by the villagers, the party set out to help the other 8 men, knowing that they would likly be in 2 differnt groups, each with 2 minotaurs watching over them. About a half mile to the north the party came upon two sets of side tunnels, two on each side of the main tunnel. After scouting them out it was determined that the two tunnels (east and west) further north emanated the sounds of activity. The larger cavern itself continues northward beyond the end of the rail tracks upon which the mine carts traveled.

Vindahr crept ahead of the party as they entered the left (or western) tunnel. This tunnel held one group of men and 2 minotaur guards. While discussing the best way to suprise the minotaurs the party was heard and fighting commenced. With 5 summoned creatures chewing on them and attacks, both melee and ranged, the minotuars were killed and the slaves were freed with relitive ease and minimal damage to the party. Beacuse the mine tunnels was narrow only one minotaur could get to to the party at a time.

Leaving the 4 prisiners in that tunnel to hide in what was hoped was relitive safty the heroes went after the remaining group. By the time the PCs got to it, the remaining group of enslaved miners had already moved their newly filled cart with ore and had entered the main cavern. After allowing them to move ahead down the cavern a ways ahead, the party then attacked using ranged weapons and spells. One of the creatures died before reaching the party and the other was killed after a short melee. Having already been weakend by the the first battle (from the previouis session) our heroes felt it best to stop for the day as some were injured and the healers were mostly out of healing spells. Throm and Meltara returned to get the 4 prisinors left in the previous tunnel and did so with no problems.
[XP, depending on level, posted above. L1—L3: xxx; L4: xxx; L5: xxx]

The party returned to the village with the 8 miners just released and were given a feast in a celebration. [All PCs receive xxx XP for freeing the captured miners.] Speaking with Dentahr, who seemed to be the leader of the town, the party explained why they helped and VERY vaguely told him of their plans to help people in this world. They were also warned that it would not be good if they were to spread this news too much. After good meal and a good nights rest, the party headed back to the mine on the morning of the 17th day of Rhombidderahn..

Following the main cavern to the south for 8 miles the party eventually came to a place where the apparent glow of daylight was seen refracting on the walls of the cavern when 2 minotaurs steped out with great axes in hand. They were wearing chainmail armor. The party found themselves in a hard fight when 2 more came up from behind. Throm and Kaldorn entered into melee with the 2 from the front. Assisted by Tomber's magic missiles and fire balls, and by Meltara in the form of healing. Lots and lots of healing. The group was having a lot of trouble and at one point Throm was down to 5 hit points so he used 'Lay on Hands' on himself. Luckily, Vindar's exceptional bow was a very fortunate factor and killed 2 of the monsters. When the battle ended, all four minotaurs were dead and the party was very badily hurt and low on resourses.
[XP, depending on level, posted above. L1—L3: xxx; L4: xxx; L5: xxx]

From the south 2 more regular minotuars, also armored with chainmail, and a Huge lead minotuar came out, but there wasn't time to play with them yet. Gaming ended for this session at this point. It is going to be interesting next session.

Gaming concluded around mid-day on the 17th day of Rhombidderahn.
[Thanks to Jessie for providing the majority of the text for this update — corrected and edited for 3rd person perspective by PLH.]

 End of Session