Daeoria -- Campaign Log, Session #16
The Land of
Daeorian Campaign Log — Session #16
Session #16: [2007.02.17] Down Comes the Roof...
Participants (In alphabetical order):XP AwardedTotal (Level)
Alabaster Human Sorcerer – – – XP – – – (4)
Throm Gromgol Half-orc Paladin – – – XP – – – (5)
Keldorn Human Monk – – – XP – – – (3)
Meltara Rythin Human Cleric – – – XP – – – (4)
Tomber Timtookery Gnome Wizard – – – XP – – – (5)
Emmeline Vanguard Half-orc Shaman – – – XP – – – (4)
Vindahr Wood Elf Ranger – – – XP – – – (4)
Woldruf Human Rogue – – – XP – – – (5)

REMEMBER: If you've leveled up, it doesn't take effect until the next time your characters awaken after a regular night's sleep.
Major events of the session: {65th day through the 67th day.}

Gaming commences on the evening of the 25th day of the month of Prestidahn.

After healing up a bit from their battle with the three minotaurs who were going to harvest some villagers to sacrifice to Baphomet, the party decides to go to the village and warn them of the danger. When told of the danger they face, Dentahr sends for another villager, Ellidahn, who brings a small, wooden box with a magic rock in it along with a Ring of Lightening Speed and a Scarab of Contingent Activation. The party returns to the mine with the box.

Everyone decides to take the box to the minotaurs and, hopefully, blow them up. As luck would have it, the party meets the minotaurs only three miles south of the mine as the minotaurs are heading north to deal with them and collect the villagers as sacrificial victims.

Set the trap...

Run like hell... After setting the magical device, Keldorn took off running at lightening speed. Half a second later he remembered Tomber and went back to get the gnome. Carrying the gnome on his back Keldorn ran like a flash and quickly passed the other party members. After a few seconds the magic of the ring ran out and Keldorn slowed to a more nearly normal speed for a human, and the ground began to tremble and shake. Many of the party stumbled and fell as they tried to flee through the cavern with stalactites and chunks of rock falling upon them from the roof of the cave. Over the next several minutes most had to run nearly two miles to get clear of the worst of the collapsing cave. With relatively little injury everybody makes it. Just to be sure that the minotaurs are properly dealt with the heroes walk back to the site of the collapse and confirm that a wall of stone and rubble seals off the southern part of the cavern. But like all tales, there are two sides to this one. The minotaurs have their tale as well.
[XP, xxxfor collapsing the cavern upon the army of minotaurs.]

Trapped in the cavern... The fissure connecting the larger, natural cavern to the mine has been closed by the earthquake. There is nowhere else to go but north.

Heading north in the cavern...

Assailed by horrors with hooks...
(One enemy is down and Alabaster is unconscious.)

Gaming concluded around noon of the 26th day of the month of Prestidahn.

The Minotaur's Tale
Emmeline's Diary Entry up to this point.