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Daeorian Campaign Log
Session #3: [2011.02.12] Escape from Ashtakahr...
Participants (In alphabetical order):XP AwardedTotal (Level)
Dax Lugar Human Rogue 1500 XP 2325 (2)
Erg Half-orc Fighter 1500 XP 2325 (2)
Forest Human Druid 1500 XP 2325 (2)
Helmon Dwarf Cleric 1500 XP 2025 (2)

REMEMBER: If you've leveled up, it doesn't take effect until the next time your characters awaken after a full night's sleep.
Major events of the session: {5th through 8th days of the campaign.}

On the morning of the 28th day of the month of Quinadahn, the party leaves their rooms and finds the Inn swarming with city guardsmen. They are arrested for walking Peaches through the streets without proper restraints and are taken into custody and stripped of all equipment without incident. They are then transported to the arena for execution.

While in their cell they are visited by Sara Omneril (daughter of the wizard, Vincent Omneril and the owner of Peaches) who breaks them out of their cell and provides them the means to buy a wagon and leave Ashtakahr. Accepting her aid, the party collects their equipment (plus a few extra items), buys the wagon and, after a stop at Willard's Trading Post for supplies, they exit the city.
[XP: 100/PC for successfully escaping Ashtakahr.]

The party makes camp after traveling northward from Ashtakahr for most of the day. [The following is a correction of a DM error: the party could not have travelled so far in one day. Two additional days of travel will be required to reach the ruins of the abandoned village.] The next two days pass uneventfully as they continue north along the Ashtakahr River, also known as The Ribbon Sea.

On the morning of the 31st of Quinadahn they pass the crumbling ruins of a deserted village. A few hours later they are ambushed by half a dozen reptilian creatures. The party kills four of the six, the others escape.
[XP: 300/PC]

A half hour after resuming their northward trek they meet a band of five farmers tracking the reptilian creatures to rescue two boys who were taken captive by the reptilians. The boys are the sons of one of the farmers. The party decides to aid in the rescue of the two boys, but not without some argument.

After returning to the scene of their previous encounter, the party tracks the reptilian creatures to their lair and find two of the creatures standing guard at the entrance. With the element of surprise working to their advantage, they quickly kill one of the guards, but the second one excapes into their tunnel to give the alarm to any others that may be inside.

After a prolonged and difficult battle with the reptilians through the tunnels of thei lair, the party is eventually victorious. Including the reptilian standing guard at the entrance, the party kills six reptilians in the lair, plus two larger reptilians with poisonous stingers on their tails.
[XP: 450/PC for 6 standard reptilians; 450/PC for two stingtail reptilians]

After routing the reptilians, the party rescues the two badly injured boys.
[XP: 200/PC for rescuing the boys plus a bravery bonus.]

On the afternoon of the 31st day of Quinadahn the party stops to collect their thoughts and decide their next move while still within the lair of the vanquished reptilians.

The adventure suspended in the mid afternon of the 31st day of Quinadahn.

A much more detailed depiction of the events described here can be found in Forest's Journal.

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