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Daeorian Campaign Log
Session #4: [2011.02.26] The Road North ...
Participants (In alphabetical order):XP AwardedTotal (Level)
Comiza Gnome Sorcerer 475 XP 975 (1)
Dax Lugar Human Rogue 475 XP 2800 (2)
Erg Half-orc Fighter 475 XP 2800 (2)
Forest Human Druid 475 XP 2800 (2)
Helmon Dwarf Cleric 475 XP 2500 (2)
Tierathas Xedian Gray Elf Elven Wizard 475 XP 975 (1)
Wulfgar Gründstein Dwarf Paladin 475 XP 975 (1)

REMEMBER: If you've leveled up, it doesn't take effect until the next time your characters awaken after a full night's sleep.
Major events of the session: {8th through 13th days of the campaign.}

On the 31th day of the month of Quinadahn, the party leaves the lair of the desert reptiles and returns to their wagons. Traveling with the farmers whose children they had rescued from the desert reptiles, they traveled north toward the farmers' hamlet. They camped for the night and continued their journey throughout the next day ariving at Dellahm on the evening of the 32nd, the last day of Quinadahn.

After the returning farmers were greeted and embraced by their anxious wives, the party learns that a band of thieves raided the hamlet shortly after the farmers left to rescue the boys. They are told that a passing party of adventurers tried to defend the hamlet. All but two of the thieves were killed, but the adventurers suffered heavy losses themselves. Half their party was killed and the remaining three were unconscious and badly injured in Darrigan's house. The party decided to revive and heal the injured adventurers and invite them to travel onward together. Thus it is that Comiza, the Gnomish Sorcerer, Teirathas Xedian, the Gray Elf Wizard, and Wulfgar Gründstein, the Dwarven Paladin join the group.

The party rested for two days in Dellahm. While there they learn of a powerful wizard in the region known as the Domity of Quaar on the east side of the Ribbon Sea who might have advice for the adventurers on their quest to overthrough Xox. On the advice of Derrigan they decide to travel to Tendahm to look for a fisherman named Gellidahr who might be able to provide transportation across the Ribbon Sea near the subterranean home of this wizard.

On the morning of the 3rd of Rhombidderahn they head north toward Tendahm. As they stop for the evening they find themselves beside the crumbled ruins of some ancient structure, long since destroyed. As Dax pokes around he finds evidence of a door in the stone floor of the ruins and is able to get it to open partially. Climbing down a rope into the underground part of the ruins (except for Erg who impatiently jumps down to the lower floor) the party descends into the dusty chambers below ground.

The first room they explore is empty. Not so the second. There they find themselves once again fighting three of the same kind of desert reptilians from whom they rescued Darrigan's sons. After a difficult battle, the team is victorious.
[XP: 130/PC]

After nosing around a couple of corridors, the party enters a third room and find themselves confronted by a large insectoid creature known as an Ankheg. With few serious injuries the party dispatches the creature and finds a pile of 960 silver pieces among some debris.
[XP: 130/PC for the Ankheg.]

Having taken enough damage for one day the party exits the ruins to rest for the night. On the morning of the 4th of Rhombidderahn, they once again descend into the ruins to enter a fourth room, there to find three more desert reptilians, two regular ones and one of the larger "stingtail" creatures. After a difficult and vigorous battle, they are finally victorious.
[XP: 215/PC]

The adventure suspended on the morning of the 4th day of Rhombidderahn.

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