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Daeorian Campaign Log
Session #6: [2011.03.26] As the Tide Turns...
Participants (In alphabetical order): XP Awarded Total (Level)
Medium Progression
Comiza Gnome Sorcerer 1069 XP 3179 (2) Happy camper!
Dax Lugar Human Rogue 969 XP 5795 (3) Happy camper!
Erg Half-orc Fighter 0 XP 4666 (2) Toast!
Forest Human Druid 1069 XP 5895 (3) Happy camper!
Helmon Dwarf Cleric 749 XP 5415 (3) Happy camper!
Nyelopubski Gnome Cavalier 749 XP 1749 (1) Happy camper!
Tierathas Xedian Gray Elf Elven Wizard 969 XP 3079 (2) Happy camper!
Wulfgar Gründstein Dwarf Paladin 919 XP 3029 (2) Happy camper!

REMEMBER: If you've leveled up, it doesn't take effect until the next time your characters awaken after a full night's sleep.
Major events of the session: {21st through 27th days of the campaign.}

On the 6th day of the month of Rhombidderahn, ....

Dax descends into the deep darkness and recovers the dying bodies of Comiza and Wulfgar. But, when he tries to recover Forest's body, a skeleton spots the body being dragged away and attacks Dax. Since he had not recovered from his earlier injuries, it wasn't long before he lay beside Forest's body. After resting over night, Comiza and Wulfgar regained consciousness. Tierathas recovered Dax's and Forest's body with the help of Wulfgar. With the recovery of the injured party members, credit can now be claimed for defeating the two skeletons that were destroyed in the battle that earned Comiza, Forest, and Wulfgar their injuries.
[50 XP each to Dax and Tierathas for recovering their downed companions.]
[320 XP for Comiza, Dax, Forest, and Wulfgar for defeating (last session) two of the skeletons.]

Along came a small band of adventurers who were in need of healing. Among them was a wolf-riding Gnome named Nyelopubski who parted ways with his former companions and joined Forest and company.

Three more skeletons were waiting for the crew as they descended once again into the dungeon ruins.
[342 XP each to all living PCs for destroying 3 skeletons (everyone but Erg.)]

Three giant spiders came rushing out of the adjacent room when the door was opened.
[257 XP each to all living PCs for killing 3 spiders (everyone but Erg.)]

Our two entrepid gnomes crawled into a narrow tunnel in search of treasure and found, instead, a hungry, giant snake. While the gnomes fought the snake Forest ran for rope and a grappling hook and Helmon radiated healing energy at the gnomes, causing colateral healing upon their attacker. Wulfgar cheered encouragingly at the gnomes while Dax dozed through the whole encounter.
[150 XP each to Comiza, Forest, Helmon, and Nyelopubski for killing the giant snake.]

The adventure suspended late on the morning of the 12th day of Rhombidderahn.

Tierathas' Journal

Forest's Journal

Helmon's Journal

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