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Daeorian Campaign Log
Session #7: [2011.04.09] Deeper Into Danger...
Participants (In alphabetical order): XP Awarded Total (Level)
Medium Progression
Comiza Gnome Sorcerer 1880 XP 5059 (3) Happy camper!
Dax Lugar Human Rogue 2040 XP 7835 (3) Happy camper!
Erg Half-orc Fighter 2000 XP 6666 (3) Happy camper!
Forest Human Druid 2080 XP 7975 (3) Happy camper!
Helmon Dwarf Cleric 0 XP 5415 (3) Happy camper!
Nyelopubski Gnome Cavalier 2040 XP 3789 (2) Happy camper!
Tierathas Xedian Gray Elf Elven Wizard 0 XP 3079 (2) Happy camper!
Wulfgar Gründstein Dwarf Paladin 2040 XP 5069 (3) Happy camper!

REMEMBER: If you've leveled up, it doesn't take effect until the next time your characters awaken after a full night's sleep.
Major events of the session: {27th through 32nd days of the campaign.}

On the 12th of Rhombidderahn, a Blue Dragon came plumetting from the sky sending the party fleeing back into the dungeon only moments after they had returned to the surface after they had defeated the Giant Snake. The dragon's crushing weight collapsed part of the roof near the trap door that lead below. Keeping quiet while resting and healing over he next couple of days.

On the 14th of Rhombidderahn the team ventured into the ruins — back down to the level where two of them (Erg & Helmon) had met their ends. They procede to a door behind which waits five skeletons and two giant spiders.
[1040 XP each.]

They find Erg's remains encased in a web cocoon. Using the Rod of Resurrection found on the floor above, Erg is restored to life and consciousness. But, in doing so, the ancient rod expells the last of its power and bursts into charred fragments.
[40 XP to those who helped recover and resurrect Erg's body.]

A more powerful, bloody skeleton wielding a masterwork sword and a wand of magic missiles was waiting in the room across the hall. After many blows upon friend and foe, the bloody skeleton uses his wand of magic missiles and is brought down by an errant missile that circled back upon its wielder, rendering the skeleton a pile of broken and bloody bones.
[120 XP each to all PCs.]

A second Gelatinous Cube and a Gray Ooze are found on this floor and are vanquished by the increasingly powerful party of adventurers. During the battle with the Cube, Comiza triggered a trap while trying to open a door and fell into a pit that sent him to the floor below. Fortunately, he was rescued by the rest of the party before the denizens of the floor below could find him.
[160 XP for everyone except Comiza (who had fallen to the floor below) for the Gelatinous Cube; 200 XP for everyone for the Gray Ooze.]

After clearing out the second level the party proceded to the third level of the ruins. Here they found a faded map and a Bag of Holding. At an especially sturdy stone door the team observes and triangular depression in the stone door that seems to suggest a key may grant access to the room beyond. While searching for this three-sided key, the party found and fought three giant scorpions.
[480 XP each for defeating the scorpions.]

Once the scorpions were defeated, the party used the faint markings on the map to guide their efforts to find the key to the room with the magical stone door. Once the stone door was opened, the party observed a shiny-floored room. Upon taking their first step into the shiny-floored room, the shiny floor vanished and a vast fiery pit lay benieth their feet. Forest made clever use of the sand in which the scorpions had been hiding to expose the secret path across the invisible floor.
[40 XP for Forest.]

The adventure suspended early in the afternoon of the 17th day of Rhombidderahn.

Forest's Journal

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