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Daeorian Campaign Log
Session #9: [2011.05.07] Cracking the Bandits' Outpost...
Participants (In alphabetical order): XP Awarded Total (Level)
Medium Progression
Comiza Gnome Sorcerer 913 XP 7158 (3) Happy camper!
Dax Lugar Human Rogue 913 XP 9934 (4) Happy camper!
Erg Half-orc Fighter 913 XP 8765 (3) Happy camper!
Forest Human Druid 913 XP 10074 (4) Happy camper!
Helmon Dwarf Cleric 913 XP 6328 (3) Happy camper!
Nyelopubski Gnome Cavalier ? XP ??? (?) Nobody knows.
Tierathas Xedian Gray Elf Elven Wizard 913 XP 3992 (2) Happy camper!
Wulfgar Gründstein Dwarf Paladin 913 XP 7168 (3) Happy camper!

REMEMBER: If you've leveled up, it doesn't take effect until the next time your characters awaken after a full night's sleep.
Major events of the session: {33rd through 34th days of the campaign.}

In the morning of the 22th of Rhombidderahn, the party awoke in Gellidahr's Inn in the hamlet of Tendahm. After assessing their options, they decide to track down and deal with the bandits that had been troubling the regiohn. Alnog the way, just after their midday meal, the were attacked by six giant ants that were attracted by the careless summoning of water by Helmon. The ants were defeated.
[457 XP each.]

The next day, the 23rd of Thombidderahn, the party came across an oasis. Dining on visitors to the oasis was a giant ant lion. The ant lion tried to make a snack of Dax. It proved to be a fatal mistake on the part of the ant lion.
[228 XP each for dispatching the ant lion.]

Just after sundown, they found the bandits' outpost. .
[228 XP for taking out the dwarven blacksmith.]

This log is incomplete. I will add to it later.


The adventure suspended early in the evening of the 23rd day of Rhombidderahn.

Forest's Journal

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