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A Plea For Help

Noble Travelers:

My homeland suffers under the tyranical teeth and claws of an evil wyrm called Xoxenphetapothylis. His evil reaches thousands of miles from his frozen lair in the northern mountains of Daeoria.

It was after a painful defeat that my companions and I determined that we need to enlist the aid of good and noble warriors in the struggle against our opperssor.

With the use of a powerful artifact we have traveled across the planes to many worlds in search of aid.

I cannot promise you riches or fame for your efforts, nor that you will even survive, for we fight a mighty foe. I can only offer you the chance to do good and great deeds and, if you survive, a chance to profit from your efforts.

If you are reading this, then I was able to travel from my world to yours. So, you should be able to get from your world to Daeoria.

Be warned!!! I counsel you to leave this scroll where you found it — on your home world. If you are caught with it in most of the nations of Daeoria it will be considered proof of conspiracy to commit sedition and you may be imprisoned, enslaved, or executed.

Year 12689 of the Reign of Xox
Maexon of Maedinia Forest in Daeoria

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Maexon's Advice

Friends of Liberty:

I offer by way of advice the following points to consider:

  1. Get out of Ashtakahr! Ashtakahr is governed by one of Xox's most powerful minions. City officials and the city guard are on the alert for anyone who might interfere with the status quo in Daeoria; namely: you. There is a great deal of corruption in the Ashtakahr government, so money can sometimes buy your way out of minor problems (i.e. petty theft, street fighting, even killing in self defense), but if you are even suspected of sedition, you will likely face execution. (As an aside, execution in Ashtakahr is usually done in the arena for entertainment. You would be put in the arena against one or more others that you could not hope to defeat, thereby dying in the effort.)
  2. Xox's personal power was developed by acquiring and using strategically beneficial magical artifacts. It might be helpful for you to find and use artifacts that offset or otherwise counterbalance Xox's devices.
  3. Xox established his power base by degrees – supplanting, one by one, legitimate authorities with his own puppets. Consider identifying Xox's minions and dethrone or otherwise eliminate these figureheads to diminish Xox's power and influence across the face of Daeoria.
  4. You may occasionally find yourself aided at unexpected times by other enemies of Xox acting secretly. Be aware that there are double-agents who pretend to be enemies of the Great White Dragon, but only do so to expose Xox's true enemies and bring them to ruin. One of the most dangerous risks you can take is to reveal yourself as an enemy of Xox, but it will be necessary to do so at times in order to ally yourself with the underground network of Daeorian heroes.

These are only suggestions. Ultimately, you must find your own way to strike a blow against the tyranny of Xox. The choices you make must be your own.

Maexon of Maedinia Forest

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Information You May Find Helpful

While it may be unwise to publish the names of those who oppose Xox, it does not harm or otherwise impede our cause to identify Xox's alies, minions, and servants.

The Wardens of the Portal  are an interbreeding of ogres and white dragons — some say they are Xox's own spawn. These creatures wear magical robes that produce a chill that keeps the wearer comfortably cool, even in the deserts of southwestern Daeoria. They claim to be guarding the portal from unwelcome intruders that roam the astral plane, and this may well be true, at least in part, but they also are tasked with identifying and capturing those of you who travel to Daeoria to free the world from Xox's tyranny.

If you are captured by the Wardens of the Portal, you will be tortured for information and then executed in the arena.

Dragons have always been pervasively prevalent on Daeoria. As white dragons are usually the smallest and weakest of dragons, they are usually at the bottom of the draconic hierarchy. Through the use of magic artifacts, Xox has placed himself on the top of the Daeorian draconic hierarchy and he relishes lording over those dragons that would otherwise been his superiors.

But, Xox is extremely paranoid and suspicuous of everyone. He uses his minions, so long as he is satisfied with their service, but he trusts no one, whether dragon or not.

  • White dragons rarely ally themselves with Xox in order to ride the wake of his power and be swept into positions of authority, but it has happened.
  • Blue dragons are his principle lieutenants in the desert regions of the southwest, but also may be found patroling the southern plains.
  • Black dragons police the swamp regions of the southeast, but may be found almost anywhere on the Daeorian continent except the icy wastes of the north.
  • Red dragons are rarely seen on Daeoria. The Dragon Wars that brought to an end the Age of Dragons left their numbers desperately deminished. What few red dragons can be found serve the Dragon Lord Xox.
  • Other dragons of less populous kinds, such as green, yellow, and purple dragons, sand dragons, and others, can be found in various environments throughout Daeoria in the service of the Great White Dragon.

Magical Artifacts:

The Amulet of Dragon Warding is said to have been crafted during the Daeorian Age of Dragons by a dragon for his own use. This powerful artifact is imbued with magic to detect dragons, heal dragons (or other creatures), and shield one from dragon magic or detection. Though believed to have been destroyed by most people, I have found evidence to suggest that the Amulet was broken into three shards and a central core piece. Each shard has its own useful properties, but if reunited once again with the core piece as a single amulet, the full power of the ancient amulet might be restored. The three parts are called The Shard of Righting (healing), The Shard of Shielding (concealment/protection), and The Shard of Finding (dragon detection). As individual shards, the properties can by applied to the one who wears or carries the particular shard, but if brought together the effects of the shards become even more powerful and affect an area surrounding the bearer of the amulet.

It will require the talents of a very powerful wizard to fuse the three shards back into a single amulet, and such magic is very hard to find on Daeoria. Xox destroys wizards who become too powerful lest that wizard become a threat to his domination of the world.

The Sword of Heironeous fell from the hand of the avatar of Heironeous when he was cast down from the skies of Daeoria, bringing to an end the Age of Gods. The avatar's broken body is said to lie at the bottom of the Great Crater. The sword is believed to have fallen somewhere between the Crater and the city of Ashtakahr.

The Wand of Arbitrary Consequences

Horben's Hammer

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